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In the last 5 years I have been a regular journal writer. But I do not write in the same journal every day; I grab what is to hand and what I am drawn to. I have different journals for different things, as you’ve seen with some of my entries already. However there is a set of journals that I use on a fairly constant basis, to the extent that you could call them my daily journal. They have no restrictions on content.

Here is a picture of the set of 5.


I bought them a few years ago as a set. I liked them for their color and style. The lime green and black ones are used daily at the moment; the pink one is sometimes used. The brown and teal ones still have their tags on them.


I bought them at HomeSense for $10 each. I have tried to find them online to no avail; if anyone knows where I can buy more please let me know!

They are covered in raised vinyl, styled to look like crocodile I think. They are fairly weighty in the hand. The inside and back covers are plain. The paper is white and lined, and feels like a heavy weight but I do not know the actual specs.


Inside front cover.


Inside back cover, marked at the bottom in silver, Sheffield Home.


Each journal has a ribbon marker, in a colour that matches or complements the colour of the journal.


The pages are lined on both sides with a fairly dark line. The journals open flat and the binding appears sewn. I use a variety of pens, including fountains sometimes, and so far no bleed through. The pages have silver edges which I hope the following photo illustrates. I suppose the silver edges are designed to match the silver buckle.


The lime green one is almost filled up but I have 4 more to take it’s place. Not to mention all of the other journals in my collection, half of which are blank at the moment. Yes, I’m addicted. And happy to be so!