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I did not know who Emma Bridgewater was until my sister gave me a birthday present in a beautiful giftbag, designed by Ms. Bridgewater. I loved the bag so much it now proudly sits on my desk holding bookmarks. I googled Emma; she has amazing stuff! http://www.emmabridgewater.co.uk/


Here you can see the “Wrap & Unwrap” bag. I was very excited when I found a matching journal and pen. In the above picture you can see the pen hanging on the side of the bag; it says “Don’t Forget.”


In this picture, on the left, you can see the other side of the pen; “Write It Down.” The mug shaped card with “A Nice Present” is attached to the bag with a black ribbon; I placed it on the top for better viewing. And on the right is the matching journal. I apologize for the glare; it arrived in a clear plastic sleeve and I’m reluctant to remove it. The letters on the “Queries & Reminders” journal are raised velvet.


Again I’m fighting glare and reflection in this picture but I wanted to show the unexpected interior – purple! It also has a purple bookmark.


The aforementioned purple bookmark. The cream coloured paper is a good weight; I haven’t written in it yet so can’t comment on bleed through. Silky to the touch.


It took me many tries, and I still don’t feel I’ve been altogether successful, but in this shot I’m trying to convey the lightly lined right-hand side, contrasted with the blank left-hand side. A nice touch.

The graphic quality of black lettering on cream appeals to me; it translates so well from textiles to ceramics, as shown on her web page. I would like to add to my EB collection from her ceramics line; and don’t get me started on her Diamond Jubilee collection! Until then I will look at my bookmark bag and smile. And write about it with my EB pen in my EB journal.  🙂