I was saddened by the news of Maeve Binchy’s death at age 72 on Monday. I have read and loved all of her books. Her world is full of funny and endearing characters who strive to be the best they can be while faced with obstacles at every turn, and eventually are rewarded. Her quote in this article about speaking in your own voice and not wearing “all your jewellry at once” is so true and very easy to forget.

If I had to pick a favorite I would have to say Firefly Summer, because I clearly remember my stomach falling into my shoes as something unthinkable happened to one of the main characters, with absolutely no foreshadowing at all. I loved her ability to reach out and grab me with her words, saying Wake up, this is a good part and it’s crucial you don’t miss it!

If you have not read her I encourage you to do so. If, like me, you are a devoted fan, my condolences. At the very least we can read her books over and over again and through them she lives forever.

God keep you Maeve. We will miss you.

Beautiful piece in The Guardian as well: http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/booksblog/2012/jul/31/maeve-binchy-death-twitter-tributes