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The Lamy Starter Kit arrived on Monday. I wasn’t expecting it so soon – only 10 days to arrive. And no customs charge yay!


The charcoal box contains the pen. The red converter is in the small bag. The bottle of Lamy ink is in the blue cling-film bundle. (Actually everything was wrapped in this bright blue film but I tore it off in my excitement, only realizing later that a picture would have been nice.) And of course the orange Rhodia notebook.


A close-up of the pen; or at least as close as my limited photographic skills and equipment will allow me.


The ink bottle is designed beautifully I think.


The  pen has a good weight and feel in the hand; the fingers slip naturally into the two grooves on either side. It really is fun to write with.


The white area on the ink bottle is actually a spool of tissue, for cleaning the nib while refilling. So clever! I’m new to all of this of course so maybe every ink bottle has this feature. Either way it’s a smart idea.


Goulet Pens thoughtfully included a bookmark and a sticker in the box, along with a hand-written note on the invoice.


Such a personal touch, which I’m leaning is standard practice with this amazing company. And of course it was great for the note writer to indicate what kind of ink he used.


And finally a quick comparison with other pens that I use on a regular basis in my writing. The Lamy wrote smoothly with no skips right out of the box. I’m still using the cartridge it came with. When I want to switch to the bottled ink there is (of course!) an instructional video on the Goulet Pens website to show me how to do it.

I like different colors so I anticipate more ink buying, and probably another Lamy down the road, so I’m not switching cartridges/ink all the time. And of course there are other nib sizes to investigate. I initially chose the Extra Fine Nib but then changed my order to Fine Nib after comparing the thicknesses online at Goulet Pens’ Nib Nook. 

I would recommend a Lamy Safari with no hesitation whatsoever. And as you can tell I can’t say enough about Goulet Pens – check them out!