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I keep lists of the books I read each year, usually in a “bookish” notebook chosen for the task. But a couple of years ago I discovered Moleskine’s Passions series of journals (please click on the link for better pictures than I am able to take!). I have a few in the series but in this post I want to focus on the book journal.


I use two at the moment; one for my all-time fave reads and one to record the current year’s books.


The cream paper typical of all Moleskines is a pleasure to write on. I have a struct rule: only the Pilot Green Tecpoint 5 pen can be used to write in these journals.

The book journal has a place for Planning at the beginning – book fairs, festivals, readings, book club meetings, etc.

Each page has space for title, date read, author, nationality, first edition, publisher, year, quotes, original language, awards, notes, opinion and rating.


Sometimes I write a little; sometimes I write alot. Often if I have lots of quotes I want to write out I will continue them on the blank pages at the back of the book.




I have customized the blank pages at the back: Reading Lists, Books By (lists of authors and the books they have written; I tick each one off as I read them), To Read, Websites, Lent and Book Clubs. Alot of these titles are included on the sticker pages.


There are two sets of blank pages at the back: one set with lines and one without. Gracie the cat wanted to be in the picture; you can see her tail and paws at the right, as she is sitting on one of the journals.


One of my favorite features of these journals is the Index, a great way to see all of the entries at a glance. Very organized!





I gave these journals as gifts last year and they were very well received. I buy them through Amazon.

Here’s another review for further reading: http://notesinabook.wordpress.com/2010/02/28/moleskine-passions-book-journal/