I love this little journal. I’ve had it for a very long time; I cannot remember when or where I bought it. I was attracted by the Valerie Pfeiffer print on the cover. I have 4 of her paintings and really admire this Canadian artist.


The blue cover is made of really heavy cardboard.


The sturdy spiral lets you lay the notebook flat to write.


The inside front cover.


The paper is very thick, with a fibrous grain that you can just make out in this picture. A pleasure to write on.


The pages are unlined.


The back cover is plain.


Here is a shot of one of her paintings: Solo I. The other three are still on the wall in my bedroom – I couldn’t get a good shot of them on the wall (various heavy furniture in the way) so I took one down to photograph it.

Valerie Pfeiffer has to be one of the least digitally visible people around. Google offers tons of cross-stitch kits but the only prints available seem to be on ebay. The following is all the information I could find about her from at least a dozen different searches. From http://www.noblewalters.com/artists/valerie-pfeiffer.php:

Valerie Pfeiffer was born and raised on a cattle station in the Australian Outback. After living in numerous cities around the world, Valerie settled with her husband in Vancouver, BC, Canada, where she lives surrounded by a lush garden full of birds and butterflies, which have become the subjects of her distinctive art. Reproductions of Valerie’s work are sold worldwide.