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I have seen other reviews of these notebooks but none as exhaustive and informative as the two provided by Goulet Pens on their blog, Ink Nouveau. I like the superior paper to Moleskine, and the reduced price point. I love the colours. The Table of Contents and numbered pages are interesting. I’m not sure which size I like; the large is my preferred size judging by my current collection, but the sheer roominess of the page offered by the Master is very tempting.

I’ve emailed them to ask about 2013 Leuchtturm Planners; not sure whether they will be carrying them. I would definitely be interested in one of those.

Finally I have to mention the Leuchtturm Pen Loop; these are fantastic! I think I need about a hundred of them! I like how they say “Everyone can finally decide for themselves whether a notebook or calendar requires a pen loop.” A big YES to that one from me.

If you have not visited the friendly folks at Goulet Pens you should; read my previous post in which I couldn’t say enough about this fantastic company.

Image from leuchtturm1917.com.

Update: They will not be carrying the 2013 Planners. Oh well. But I am still planning on purchasing at least one notebook and a few pen loops.