I really enjoyed this post by Miranti at penandpeplum. I aspire to a clean, organized, inviting desk space. Sometimes I achieve it but it only stays clean and organized for a few minutes. But hey, it’s something to strive for! And after reading Miranti’s post you will be inspired!

Miranti suggests 5 additions to your desk to get you started; some of these I use also and I thought I would share.

  • The intray. The intray pictured in Miranti’s post is beautiful. I have a black, wire mesh in/out tray and before I read Miranti’s post it was sitting on a shelf in my office closet because I felt it took up too much space on my desk. Well Miranti has inspired me to take another look at it. Below is a picture of it set up on my desk. In the top tray are all the journals I currently have in use (well, almost all!) and the bottom tray contains items for me to action: info on bits of paper I need to record in my planner, and magazines I need to read.


  • The magazine holder. I don’t have any nice magazine holders but I wondered what it would look like with my journals and magazines in holders, and a simple tray for the paper bits. And presto chango, see picture below!


  • The “file holder thing”. I’m pretty sure it’s called a vertical file holder. I use one at work and it is very handy and doesn’t take up too much space on my desk. At home I do not have one. I have a filing cabinet which does the job and that’s tucked away in my closet.
  • The pen holder. I guess I fall into the cute coffee mug category, although in my case it’s a tea mug, definitely!


  • The notice board. I actually have two of these, on another wall in my office. I stick anything and everything on it…receipts, cards from people I love, charms, pictures, quotes…


I used to have these above my desk but recently I moved them to this spot and put a calendar above my desk instead.


I’m not sure I agree that file drawers should be used with caution. Mine works for me. And I use storage boxes everywhere, with labels.

So there you have it – my desk. For truly drool-worthy desks you can also check out The Well Appointed Desk. Enjoy!