This week’s prompt is Things I Know A Lot About.

list prompt no 11 things i know alot about

Now these need explanations.

  • Afternoon Tea. I have taken tea at the Four Seasons in New York, the Ritz in London, the Empress in Victoria, and countless hotels and tea houses across North America. Friends, family and colleagues turn to me with any tea-related questions. I’m no expert but I am passionate.
  • Stephen King. I own a copy of every book he has published to date. I have all but one of them. He is the Charles Dickens of our age and history will bear that out long after we are all dust.
  • Counted cross-stitch. I started stitching around the age of 8 and I have completed dozens of pieces (and left dozens more half-finished!) It was something I was really good at and something for which my mother praised me. Her eyesight was not great so she found the tiny cross-stitches impossible. It was the first thing in my life that made me feel good about myself.
  • Writing. I studied it in university for 4 years (a journalism degree) and I spend my days re-writing and editing scientific papers. I don’t think I have the next Canadian novel in me but writing for me is not a choice; I cannot function if I don’t write. It’s simple and necessary. People seem to understand me so I must be good at it.
  • Libraries. I know enough about them; I used to work in one and I visit them often. The Library of Congress was a religious experience for me. If money was not an issue I would pursue my Masters in Library Science, so I could learn even more about them.

Next week I hope to introduce a new writing project. I was given a journal, 642 Things to Write About, and I want to do an exercise each week and share it here.

Read about the List Journal Project, which I discovered on iHanna’s Blog. Each Thursday for the past 11 weeks I have posted a picture of my journal entry for the prompts in her series. I’ve used my Make a Wish journal from Papaya Art. I had fun and felt inspired so I hope you feel the same way when you do your next writing project.