So I was wandering around eBay one day and stumbled upon the Episode Collector series of planners. I was immediately drawn to the design and the system details. And I needed a planner so with a few clicks it was on its way to me from Korea, a first for me in my eBay buying history. It arrived in 8 days which I find quite astonishing.

To give a bit of history: When I first started reading Plannerisms, I read a post about the Women’s Success Choice line of planners. I bought a set, along with the cranberry leather cover. I loved it (still do, sniff) and used it for almost a year. Fantastic planner system.

This past Thanksgiving I received an email from the Women’s Success Choice website about a Black Monday sale. So I thought I would stock up on the 2013 inserts. I was incredibly disappointed to find that the international shipping charges had more than doubled. I just couldn’t justify the expense. I know that other US companies are being forced to drastically increase their shipping costs to Canada this year. So the hunt was on and I said a sad goodbye to my Success Choice pages.  😦

I also received an email from Franklin Covey regarding their Black Monday sale (Franklin and I go way back – almost 10 years of planner love) and I thought my problems were solved when I purchased a drastically reduced Veronica Leather Snap Binder in dove gray. Franklin Covey has very reasonable shipping in Canada because they have a Canadian warehouse in Toronto. I received the planner super fast and had fun designing planner pages for it from D*I*Y Planner.

I started using the planner about two weeks before Christmas. And then my husband bought me a beautiful and expensive handbag as a Christmas present. And that’s when the problems started.

The purse and the planner did NOT get along. The planner was too big and bulky for the purse. It fit, but just. And it made the purse VERY heavy. Changing out the purse was not an option so it was the planner that had to change. Hence my eBay browsing.

And I am thrilled with the Episode Collector Planner. You can see better photos in the eBay listing which I link to above but here is the one I bought, the Sweet Brown.

1episode planner

The brown shiny bits are simulated leather or vinyl, and the contrasting brown bits are felt.

2episode inside front cover - fuzzy

I apologize for the crummy photo – see the eBay listing for better ones of the inside. I love the vibrant green!

3episode monthly view

The monthly pages. They are undated so you can start anytime.

4episode weekly view

The week on two pages. Again sorry for the blurry image.

6episode inside back cover

The green felt feels as lovely as you would expect from the photo. The blue paper clip is mine.

7episode back cover zipper

The zipped pocket is perfect for change or post-its.

8episode 2013 monthly pages

These inserts are the genius of this design. You can see step by step photos of how these are overlaid using double-sided tape onto the monthly pages in the eBay listing referenced above. And they are dated so you can easily refer to them to date your undated pages, and to keep track of special days that month. I’ve been putting them at the start of the weekly section for each month, and that seems to work just as well.

Overall the planner is much smaller, lighter and easier to carry around in my bag. Of course I don’t have everything that I carried in the Franklin Covey planner, and I don’t have the awesome organizational tools found in the Women’s Success Choice planner, but I have enough space for weekly to-do lists and daily reminders of appointments and activities. And that’s what finding the perfect planner is all about: finding what works for you, at this exact moment in time.