Describe your perfect day.

topic 5 astronaut perfect day

I will have to type the entry for you, as it is too large to fit in the photo.

It’s been three days now since we docked with the space station. I’m slowly getting into the rhythm of the days. Up at 0600, exercises and breakfast over by 0800, diagnostic work until 1200. Lunch. Systems check and scenario testing until 1700. Supper with the entire crew, followed by a killer weightless jam. Playing the guitar is so different in zero gravity.

The best part of my day? It actually happens every 45 minutes. On Earth you have a limited number of sunrises and sunsets. But here on the space station we get 15 or 16 every 24 hours. And they are spectacular. Amazing colours, from pink and white to orange and yellow, and eventually blue leading to the dense black of space. I never tire of it, and I doubt I ever will. Two per day on Earth, and eight times that up here. It’s like living eight lifetimes.

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