Something you had that was stolen:

I was working in Virginia in 1999. At the end of a long day I returned to my hotel room to find the door ajar. I said “Hello?” as my apprehension grew. As it was a small room I quickly and thankfully realized I was alone. The room seemed much the same as it was every other day after the maids had been. None of my personal items seemed disturbed.

I let hotel reception know and they were suitably and predictably concerned. They explained the maids must have left the door open and they gave me an apology and one night off of my bill. I was satisfied that the incident could be explained by a forgetful maid.

It wasn’t until 3 days later, when I was getting dressed for a work function, that I realized my mother’s wedding ring was missing. I tore the room apart. I spoke to the maids, reception, and the General Manager. Nothing was ever found. It was a very simple ring of white and yellow gold; nothing that would tempt a thief, in my opinion. It was probably knocked off the vanity while cleaning and then sucked up in a vacuum. But it was precious to me and I mourn its loss still.

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