The Long-Lost Roommate:

I was standing in line at the coffee shop, part of my daily ritual. Can’t get through a day without my London Fog. A woman walked in, trailed by 3 loud toddlers. I did a double take – Candace? No, it couldn’t be. She looked at me and all at once we recognized each other. After the hellos and hugs and omigosh it’s been too long, we quickly moved to a table to catch up, Saturday plans forgotten. The toddlers were hers, much to my surprise. In University Candace was going to run in municipal politics as soon as humanly possible and become leader of the Liberal party within 10 years of graduating. But meeting Ben changed all those plans and a wedding and triplets soon followed. And as for me, she was just as surprised at my lifepath; graduate school followed by an internship at The Tate in London, and now Curator of Special Collections for our city’s largest museum. As we talked I got the distinct feeling we were gazing at everything we’d ever wanted, in reverse. Choices and destiny and fate – you never know how a life will turn out. As I looked at the three mini-Candaces I was overwhelmed with a heady mix of joy for my friend but sadness for me. We parted much too soon, with promises of getting together that would probably never happen. And I slipped back into my solitary Saturday routine, with a fresh London Fog to sustain me.

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