I’m sorry for another off-topic, uncategorized post, but I couldn’t believe the news this morning: Rita MacNeil had passed away yesterday from complications following surgery. She was 68.

You can read CBC’s tribute to her here.

My home town was her home town. I went to school with her son and her sister was a good friend of my mother’s. She visited our junior high school to give a performance and a talk. She was incredibly easy to talk to, kind and generous of spirit. She had a child-like way about her that wasn’t naive, just open and beautiful. She was also a Juno award winning artist with 24 albums to her credit. My heart is heavy for her family and what they are facing right now. I lost my own mother 13 years ago; you learn to deal with the pain of the loss but it never really goes away.

You are no longer flying on your own Rita; you are flying with the angels.