Papaya has the most beautiful undated day planners. They’re small enough to put in your bag but large enough for detailed lists and appointment tracking. And they come with a nifty fabric band to keep everything together. A pen loop would be nice but they are wonderful nonetheless.


I like the double ribbon – one for the monthly or yearly page and one for the weekly.

inside cover


yearly plan

The planner wasn’t laying flat so I put my rather huge paperweight on it. Hopefully it doesn’t completely obscure the Yearly Plan page.

monthly plan


weekly plan

Ok well maybe the Weekly pages could have a little more room for information but the beauty of the pages makes up for it.

notes section

The Notes section is very generous.


It’s not a day of the week but you still have to plan for it!


Love the sentiment; almost enough to overlook the spelling mistake. Sigh.

last page

Papaya products never disappoint!