Describe yourself in the third person – your physical appearance and personality – as though you were a character in a book.

Heather was the sort of woman one could easily overlook. She wasn’t beautiful; her brown hair was shot through with grey and she carried too much weight on her. But her face in repose had a certain appeal; hazel green eyes lit from within, and a mouth that was quick to smile. Uncles called her “apple cheeks” because of her ruddy complexion. And her laughter was infectious and addictive.

For Heather life was about details. She was comfortable in a room of strangers. She looked people in the eye and talked to them, long and easily. People noticed her speaking voice; warm and confident, loud and clear and crisp. She spoke her truth and was delighted when people listened and indifferent when they did not. 

She was inclined to naivete, always focusing on the positive and the possible. Disappointment and injustice affected her deeply; it could take days to recover from a seemingly insignificant event. She could be acutely sensitive to teasing and quick to an anger that fizzled into tears almost as soon as it ignited. She despised this about herself and struggled to appear nonchalant.

Perhaps our hero recognized a kindred spirit when he met Heather at university in 1988…

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