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In my post on May 16 I talked about something I wanted badly but have so far never used: my Paperblanks Silver Filigree Pink Blush journals. I have used the small one but not the big one. I really thought I had talked about them before but couldn’t find a post about them so here goes.

silver fil stacked

I first saw them on lovenotebooks.com and instantly fell in love. I thought they looked medieval and romantic. I went to one of my favorite journal stores, Paper Root Studio, and picked up the 3.5×7 Slim Journal, which is the smaller of the two pictured.

silver fil single clasp

The Slim Journal has a single clasp that I love. I use this daily to record my tea drinking. With frequent use the clasp no longer stays upright.

silver fil double clasp

I happened to be walking by the Hallmark store in my neighborhood and spied the 7×9 Ultra Journal in the window. I rushed in and rushed out with it, oblivious to the cost (it was less than $30 but barely). I have yet to find a use for it. I have started to write in it, thinking it could become my new daily journal, but I just can’t! It’s too beautiful somehow; I just can’t bring myself to do it. Silly I know but it’s the truth.

The Ultra Journal shown above has two clasps. Daily use will probably have the same effect as on the smaller one. I love the marbling on the page edges.

silver fil inside front cover

The inside covers are covered in a plain goldish-toned paper.

silver fil both open red ribbon

Both notebooks lie flat, which is great. The paper is more white than cream and takes fountain pen ink beautifully. I must admit I was disappointed with the opened notebook; I thought the pages would be decorated in some subtle way. And I don’t know why they thought a red ribbon bookmark would look good! Both notebooks have the same bright red bookmark. Silver or blush pink would have been a much better choice, in my opinion.

silver fil inside back cover

Same end papers, with a pocket for loose pages.

Even though I hate the ribbon bookmark I am still (and will be for a long time I’m sure) in love with these notebooks. Paperblanks has so many beautiful products, be sure to check them out on lovenotebooks.com or your favorite notebook retailer.