I feel slightly embarrassed by this post. I’ve become dissatisfied with my 2013 Planner (read about it here). I admire many of the features of the Episode Planner but my big beef is that it doesn’t lay flat. I have been thinking about investing in a Midori Traveler’s Notebook but I find it hard to justify the expense at this time.

By chance a Peter Pauper Filigree Journal arrived in the mail and I set about making my own planner. Peter Pauper Journals feature beautiful paper AND they lie flat.  🙂

filigree planner closed

The cover feels like soft leather and it is embossed as you see here.

cat charms

I added a couple of charms to the bookmark.

inside cover

I like stickers and like to use them to give myself motivation or to just make myself smile. I added a Blueline clear envelope to the left side of the cover. I picked it up at my local stationery store for $.59! I attached my business card to the fancy paper on the right.

journal title page


2013_14 calendar

These year calendar pages are from an older planner from a previous year.

july 2013 page

I printed monthly calendars and stuck them in throughout the journal.

weekly page left

The weekly pages. I drew lines with a ruler and left lots of space for each day. I thought about having the week on the left side and a blank page on the right for notes but in the end decided on this format.

weekly page right

I usually do not have as many to-dos on the weekend so I’m ok with the smaller blocks.


I used numbered tabs as monthly dividers and sticky flags for other dividers. I like the small tabs as they do not stick out when the journal is closed. I also used one of my Leuchtturm pen loops.

red tage divider notes closed

I picked up these sticky notes and thought I might use them as my re-positionable to-do list.

divider notes open

I loved lined notes. I like the writing to be straight and neat.

flower clips

I also picked up these fun flower paper clips.

pental slicci 0.4So excited to find Pentel Slicci 0.4mm pens! I first found this type in London in 2009. I’ve been looking for them ever since and have not been able to find them in Canada. So I was so pleased to find a local stationery store carries them: Reid Stationers. They have them in 0.25mm, 0.4mm and 0.7mm, for $3.50 each. I haven’t been to Reid’s in many years, as they are located in a busy downtown area that is a challenge to get to. But I braved the traffic and distracted pedestrians on the Saturday morning of the May long weekend and was able to spend a blissful 2 hours looking at fountain pens, gel pens, ballpoints, Filofax inserts and binders, Leuchtturm notebooks, the full range of Moleskine notebooks and accessories, sticky notes, paper clips…… Heaven!

flags and sticky notes

I stuck extra flags and a few sheets of a pad of sticky notes towards the back.

paper pocket

I made this simple flap to keep extra stickers and my most portable copy of Shakespeare’s Sonnets (I am never without them).

plastic envelope

It’s hard to see in the photo but I attached a glassine envelope (also purchased at Reid’s for $0.25) to the back cover. This can hold anything really but right now I keep some fancy stickies and an extra pen here.

I’ve been using this planner for a couple weeks now and it really works for me. Here’s to hoping I can last the rest of the year with it!