A few years ago I was having tea with my sister in a restaurant that also functioned as a gift shop. I found this journal and immediately fell in love with the dresses on the cover, as well as the great quote from Iris Murdoch, one of my favorite authors.


The covers are made of heavy cardboard and book lies flat when open. The inside front cover has kind of a wallpapery feel to it.

inside cover

The first page has another great quote: “each day comes bearing its own gifts…untie the ribbons!” by Ruth Ann Schabacker.

inside cover 2

The left hand side of each page is blank, or nearly blank; there is always a doodle or an illustrated quote. And the facing pages are always lined. The neat thing about this journal is that all of the pages are perforated, in case you wanted to share them with a friend.

blank left page

I do not know the weight of the paper but it takes fountain pen ink very well.

lined right page

Example of afore mentioned illustrated quote.

quote left page

The inside back cover is the negative image of the front inside cover. Really looks like wallpaper doesn’t it?

inside back cover

You’ll notice the back cover is missing something; those holes are where the elastic band used to be. I got it for half price because of this defect.

back cover

I don’t use this journal for anything in particular, just random thoughts when my daily journal is being used for another purpose or I simply can’t find it. It’s a great pleasure to write in and the quotes make me smile. They also remind me I must get on with the next Iris Murdoch on my list…….