I haven’t been feeling my best lately, so I apologize for missing 642 Things Thursday last week. The next topic is to write a short story set in Argentina in 1932 in which a teacup plays a crucial role. I’m going to put that one on hold for a bit, as it seems rather ambitious and my energy level just isn’t up to it.

The topic for this week is: Describe the most recent moment when you couldn’t think of anything to say. Were you having a hard time making conversation, or were you simply dumbfounded?

I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Last weekend we broke records for total rainfall received in one day: 45 millimetres on Saturday. The previous record was 35.1 millimetres, set in 1964. Now that doesn’t sound like much but it arrived with a perfect storm of circumstances that led to the worst flooding Calgary and environs have seen in a generation, affecting over 100,000 people. 

Watching the images on television, I was speechless. I couldn’t tear myself away. And if I could it was only to check Facebook, to see what the latest crisis was. People’s lives were being ripped apart in front of my eyes and we remained unaffected. We live in a part of the city that was not flooded. We didn’t even have huge puddles, as we normally do when we have heavy rainfall. It made my heart heavy to watch and read, and to know that the only thing I could do was to stay out of the way of emergency personnel.

It’s been almost a week since the worst of the flooding, and thousands of southern Albertans are still living in shelters. My latest illness has prevented me from getting dirty with the cleanup efforts but I do intend to donate to the flood relief, with dollars and with food. It’s the least I can do. I feel so blessed to have been spared. My city is forever changed in ways we can’t anticipate. But we’re still here. And we’re cleaning up.

Next week: What could have happened to you in high school that would have altered the course of your life?

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