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This article from September 2012 in the New York Times made me hopping mad. Just the title irked me – the inconvenience of paper?!? Paper is meant to be felt and enjoyed. I have never thought of it as an inconvenience. The Day! – The Best Story of Mine app Mr. Eaton is talking about provides text entries each day to “get you into regular writing” – frankly I don’t see how that could be achieved with it’s apparent “emphasis on icons”. The other apps he discusses don’t seem to be much of an improvement.

Don’t get me wrong, I embrace technology in my way. I am, after all, keeping an electronic blog  – but said blog does emphasize the many virtues and benefits of handwriting in your journal, every day, as a growth exercise and to connect with our true selves. I like the idea of an application on your phone reminding you to journal, or maybe suggesting journal prompts, but write them down using a pen that makes you want to write, in a journal that speaks to you and also makes you want to write. I do agree with the author it is a shame to lose your past but I urge you to include actual writing in the record keeping of your life. Your life will be enhanced for it, I promise.

So here’s to the “fuss and barriers of putting your words down”, may they never be eliminated by a smartphone.

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