Something that was lost:

When I was 14 our family went to Disney World on vacation. I had a bright pink, nylon bag, covered in Duran Duran pins. All my worldly possessions were in that bag and I carried it with me everywhere. I was so proud when an adult complimented me on it. 

One particular day we had just finished lunch and my mom and I thought we would go shopping. I had seen a couple of souvenirs I wanted the week before and, as per my mom’s counsel, had waited until almost the last minute of our vacation to spend the $50 I had saved for souvenirs. She wanted me to see everything and make an informed decision. And she was right. 

So we set off. We hit the store and I started carefully choosing the items I wanted to purchase. I think it was at the register that I realized I had left the bag in the restaurant. I will never forget that moment of awareness, like someone had slapped me. And the panic, red hot and constricting. I burst into tears and my mother and I ran back to the restaurant. The bag was gone. I couldn’t believe it. We walked slowly back to the store and my mom let me pick one item that she would buy for me. I was so ashamed. This was not the first time I had forgotten something important; I was forever misplacing items and my mother often said if my head wasn’t attached I would forget it. 

To this day I’ve never forgotten that anxious feeling and sorrow at losing a beloved object. I think I’m obsessive now about making sure my purse or phone or notebook or plane ticket is exactly where it should be. 

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