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We just got back from our trip to Nova Scotia and I wanted to share my travel journal. I used the junior Arc notebook, in green.

front cover

Before the trip I played around with a bunch of different covers but eventually settled on the original cover. It’s a very heavy plastic, perfect for being whipped out on ferries and street corners. Halifax is very much a walking city, and my journal was always to hand, so that we could get to where we wanted to go!

front pocket

The first page is a plastic pocket, filled with notes on where to eat, pins and leaflets of tourist attractions. Very handy to have at the beginning of the book.


A table of contents is always helpful when you are trying to find information quickly. I love the versatility of the Arc notebooks – I rearranged the pages with ease as I was creating the table of contents.

ns tribute

I found this online and had to tape it inside the journal. A moving tribute to my home province.

pen loop

These Arcs do not come with a pen loop so I had to make my own. I attached a Leuchtturm pen loop to a divider that I can use elsewhere after the trip.

intro to maps

The beginning of the maps section. I printed out various maps for our day trips.

fold out maps

A fold-out map of Halifax.

google maps

A detailed map of the two of the shops we wanted to visit.

calendar for the trip

I drew a calendar for the days we were in Halifax, so I could visualize each day and what we were scheduled to do on each day. I also dedicated one page to each day, to write down notes, impressions, walking directions, etc. You can see each day has a corresponding green flag on the side. The days for Aug 11 and 12 are missing as I finally figured out that sometimes all I needed was the page, not the whole thing, in my pocket!


I created tabs for each attraction/festival/event we wanted to visit.

magnet clips

As we moved through the days I moved this magnetic clip, so that I could easily flip to the current day. Below the purple clip is the card on which the clips were packaged. I bought them at Target. Very strong magnets so they worked well.

start of the journal section

This page marks the start of the journal section. Even though I had a page dedicated to each day I wanted to record my thoughts and reflections in a separate section, where I wasn’t constrained by the single page. I find it difficult to spare the time to journal when on vacation, at least not as much as I would like. So I use the daily pages to jot down quick reminders, and this journal section is for relaxed remembrance. I’m still working on it! But I don’t mind because it lets me relive each day of our vacation in glorious detail.

green envelope

I added this envelope because I was intrigued by the shape of it, and I thought it would be good for holding extra bits of paper as needed. It came in a wedding invitation originally and I thought it would look good in an Arc notebook. Ever since I bought the punch for the Arc system I’m constantly on the lookout for things I can punch and put into my Arcs. See my review of the blue leather Arc notebook here.

zippered pouch and clear envelope

At the back I added a zipped pocket, which held my business cards. I also added a clear envelope to the back cover using washi tape. I used this for carrying my pen around until I made the pen loop divider.

In my opinion Arc notebooks are particularly well suited to being travel journals because they are so versatile. You can move the sections/paper around so easily, you can have a brand new notebook in seconds.

A great notebook for a great trip. Can’t wait to go back!!