Sad news yesterday: author Elmore Leonard died at the age of 87. I have never read one of his novels but I did borrow a quote of his for this blog. And good advice it was too. It’s heartening to know he didn’t have a bestseller until the age of 60! 

My favorite quote from this article:

Writing well into his 80s, Leonard’s process remained the same.

He settled in at his home office around 10 a.m. behind a desk covered with stacks of paper and books. He lit a cigarette and began writing longhand on the 63-page unlined yellow pads that were custom-made for him.

When he finished a page, Leonard transferred the words onto a separate piece of paper using an electric typewriter. He tried to complete between three and five pages by the time his workday ended at 6 p.m.

“Well, you’ve got to put in the time if you want to write a book,” Leonard told AP in 2010.

Imagine writing a novel longhand! And he obviously found his perfect medium: custom made notepads. It sounds such a small amount, completing between three and five pages a day. But it’s obviously a process that worked. He will be missed.