Something that was found:

I remember it was the day of the funeral. I had left work around 10:00 and headed to the church. After the service I needed to get gas. After filling up I threw my wallet on the seat beside me and drove to work. I parked the car in the parking lot across the street from my building. I remember having a lot of things to carry: my purse, my wallet, my umbrella as it had been snowing as I walked to the service, and a to-go mug of tea. To lock the door I needed to put a couple of things on the roof. I retrieved them and walked across the street to work.

Five hours later I walked back across that street, got in my car and started to drive home. I turned onto a divided highway and noticed a truck coming up beside me in the passing lane. The driver slowed his truck down to keep pace with me. Out of the corner of his eye I could see him waving something black in his hand. I glanced more deliberately at him and saw he was holding his wallet in his right hand, steering with his left. Then he pointed at me. Then he shook his wallet at me. Then he pointed at me again. And all in a rush I remembered. I had placed my wallet on the roof of the car when I returned from the funeral. It must have sat on my roof all afternoon and just blown off. That’s what the other driver was trying to tell me!

I quickly pulled over. The driver kept going but I knew I had to double back and look for my wallet. Luckily it had snowed the night before so my black wallet was relatively easy to see, along with all my cards and change splayed over the mounds of snow. Unbelievably my wallet was intact and all of my cards were scattered around it. Everything was wet but nothing was damaged. I couldn’t believe my luck. I also couldn’t fathom the debt I owed a stranger for letting me know my wallet had been lost, in such a spectacular way.

This happened during the Christmas holidays so the local radio station was having a promotion where you would phone in and describe a Christmas angel. I phoned in and told them the story of my Christmas angel, and that if he was listening I would love to buy him a coffee sometime. I never heard anything but I’m forever in his debt and I will never forget it.

Next week: A sneeze.

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