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It’s no secret I love Arc notebooks: in my post on July 28 I talked about the blue leather junior notebook and all the accessories; and in my post on Aug 18 I talked about my travel journal which I made using a green poly Arc notebook. And now I’m going to talk about my new brown woven notebook, size A5, from the wonderful Amanda from http://arcit.blogspot.ca/. She posted how she is always looking for items that are not available in the UK; she is willing to buy items if we are willing to send them to her, and vice versa. She didn’t want the green poly notebook at the time I sent the email, but she was willing to buy and post the woven fabric notebook for me. Plus she had a coupon! And so after a few emails and paypal payments it arrived in my mailbox!

Amanda included a very nice note with the notebook.

package from amanda

The bubble wrap came off to reveal another plastic bag. Good for shipping.

bubblewrap off

I tore the plastic bag off and could finally feel the notebook. The woven fabric on the front and back is kind of shimmery gold and feels coarse to the touch – but in a good way! The A5 cover is exactly the same size as the covers we can get here in Canada. But the paper is slightly larger – our paper (in the junior size) is 5.5 inches wide, while the paper for the A5 size is about 5.75 inches wide.

front cover

I really like the white stitching detail. I plan on making this my daily planner. I got the idea from Amanda, who also uses this style for her daily planner.

inside front cover

This style notebook has the single pen loop, just like the versions available here. I have yet to see an Arc notebook with two pen loops; that would be very handy.

inside back cover

Below is the back cover of the notebook, with the M embossed in brown leather. Nice touch.

back cover

I’m absolutely thrilled with this notebook. I will do another post about how I’m using it as my daily planner.

smash items from ebay

Along with Amanda’s package this envelope arrived from Creative Crafting Corner, with some goodies from Smash: the pen holder, page tabs and elastic bands. My local Michael’s never seems to have these items.

You can check out the woven fabric Arc at the Staples uk page here.