A sneeze:

For as long as I can remember my dad has sneezed in the most spectacular fashion imaginable. I don’t mean in a messy, liquid way but in a loud, flailing, force of nature way. His sneezes are explosive and never alone; always at least five times in a row. He uses a handkerchief without fail, which some might think gross and old-fashioned. But he always has a fresh white piece of fabric to accompany his performance. 

In complete contrast to this I would sneeze silently. I would grasp my nostrils and trap the air in there. It would invariably escape with a small squeak, in a deliberate departure from my dad. I didn’t want my sneezes to be noticed so I tried to stifle them. Until I read how dangerous this is for you. So I resolved to always carry a few tissues (no handkerchiefs) and let the sneezes fall where they may. However I also carry a mirror to make sure there is no evidence of the sneeze ever happening.

Next week: The meanest thing anyone has ever said to you.

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