On my recent trip to NS I found myself in Fisher’s Stationery in Dartmouth. It felt like stepping back in time to 1959. An elderly lady sat behind the counter, eating her lunch. She asked me if I was looking for anything in particular and I explained I was just looking. The shop is a wonder of old and new. There are countless stationery items like file folders and ledger books but no Moleskine or Hello Kitty items in sight. It was glorious.

I must have been browsing for over an hour when I came upon a small selection of Quo Vadis planners and notebooks. I had already chosen a Nova Scotia ballpoint pen and a set of 4 Staedtler Lumocolor markers.

3 items

I chose this ruled leather-like Piet Mondrian notebook, 16 x 24 cm, in the Artist series. It features his painting Composition A on the cover. Mondrian was a Dutch painter who invented a style called Neo-Plasticism, which consists of a white background with a grid of black lines and primary colours. Quo Vadis talks about their Artists series here, but fails to mention Mondrian.

The paper weight is 90g and is finished with vellum which makes it extremely soft to the touch. It also takes various inks very well. Click here to read more about Quo Vadis paper.

inside notebook


ink test



As you can see the Sharpie marker showed quite a bit of bleedthrough, and the Lumocolor fine marker showed a bit. The rest of the inks tested, even the fountain pen ink, showed no bleedthrough at all.

The notebook doesn’t lie flat initially but would do so through extended use. There is a pocket on the inside back cover.

back cover with pocket

I really enjoyed my trip to Fisher’s Stationery. I spoke with the proprietor for a good long time after I had made my purchases. She was very interested in where I was travelling from and my impressions of her city. She is a staunch Dartmouthian and resents the fact that they are always lumped in with Halifax (the area is known as the Halifax Regional Municipality). I could have stayed there all day.

Click here to see more photos of Gloria (the proprietor), her family and her wonderful store.