The meanest thing anyone has ever said to you:

I’ve been thinking about this topic ever since I wrote last week’s post. I honestly can’t decide what to write about. I haven’t lived a magical, charmed life where no one has ever said anything mean to me. But writing brings up emotions and to write about this will dredge up some unpleasant memories that I don’t want to revisit. Do I talk about episodes that happened as a kid? Do I talk about a rough patch I went through with my sister? Or my husband? My parents? No. It’s all written down in my journals; I don’t see the need to resurrect them here. Because I’m the kind of person who carries sorrow around with me. I live with it for a few days, make my peace, and then let it fly away. I just don’t see the point in inviting it back for the sake of a writing exercise. It’s ok if you feel I’ve gypped you out of a juicy tale. This ostrich has some sand to bury into.

Next week: Describe five memories – events you remember really well. Then take one of them further.

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