I’ve just been reading about the phenomenon of six-word memoirs or short stories, the most famous one being Ernest Hemingway’s: “For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.” What a sentence – we immediately feel the emotion of the person who wrote those words.

Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs from Writers Famous and Obscure was released in 2008 by Larry Smith, who started Smith Magazine, a publication celebrating the six-word description of a given life. I thought how hard can it be? Turns out, very. Here are some good and not so good tries of my own.

I read for a living. Jealous?

No one prepared me for this.

Making sense with pens and paper.

Run; join the circus without regret.

How many can you come up with? Please share in the comments. Have fun!

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Making sense with pens and paper.