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I’ve been shopping on online of late and three (!) packages arrived in the mail last week. Excited!

pen package

The first was an order from Hong Kong from stationeryart.com. I heard so much about the Pilot Coleto multipens that I had to check them out for myself, and stationeryart had the best prices, including shipping. Their refill selection was a little sparse (those darn low prices!) but I still managed to get a good selection. And to my utter delight I found that Pentel Slicci also has multipens!! So I purchased two Coletos and two Sliccis, with 12 refills.

pens and refills laid out

The two Coletos are grey and blue, and the two Sliccis are clear and blue. I kept parts of the packaging so I could keep track of which refills I have.

blue slicci

The Slicci refills are 0.4 mm and the Coleto refills are 0.3 mm. I prefer the 0.4 to the 0.3 but the 0.3 mm refills were the only ones in stock for the Coletos at the time I placed my order. Stationeryart.com also carries 0.4 and 0.5 mm for the Coletos.

clear slicci

Purple is very popular; I purchased the last one for the Slicci.

grey coleto

I enjoy brown ink and that is one advantage the Coleto has over the Slicci; brown is not available for the Slicci. And a second advantage: Coleto offers pencil refills, Slicci does not. However, for me the Slicci seems sturdier than the Coleto; not as rickety.

filled pens

So here we are with three of the pens filled with refills. I had no problems getting the refills in. There are videos on Youtube to help if you have problems loading the Coleto; none for the Slicci but it’s not difficult. The Coleto loads from the top and the Slicci from the bottom. Both give a reassuring click when in place so you really can’t go too far wrong. I’m keeping the blue Coleto in the packaging for now; when stationeryart.com has more colours in stock I will place another order. They have extremely reasonable shipping rates as well. Very pleased with this order.

jottbook package

Next package: from New Zealand! This ebay fellow sells Leuchtturm notebooks among other things.

purple jottbook

I got a Jottbook (in purple!) at a ridiculous price, including shipping! Couldn’t pass it up.

sticker package

And the final package: from Singapore! I ordered some Korean stickers for my planner from another ebay seller.


The stickers are super small and transparent. Very different from anything I’ve seen in the stores around here. Each package has 6 different sheets and the ebay ad did not show all of the sheets. Half of the text is in Korean! But that doesn’t bother me because I think the stickers are really fun and I want some more color on my black and white monthly page.

cube sugar

Cube Sugar stickers. You can tell English is not the first language for these companies. But they are incredibly endearing.

hello coco

Hello Coco stickers. Isn’t she cute? And the little man with the big moustache that says “good”. Too funny.

korea cat

Korea Cat SSBA stickers. My favorite. Will probably be buying more of these. Again, these were inexpensive, and the shipping was included.

Always so nice to get packages in the mail!