I read this article and was intrigued by the last paragraph:

There are historians. There are burners. I’d never advise on journal-burning matters. But I can tell you this: Traveling lighter helps me shine brighter.

The post deals with the reasons why the author chose to burn 20 years of journals. The idea both attracts and repels me. I look at my completed journals as accomplishments, as therapy, as old friends. But I do not re-read them very often and they sit on my shelf, taking up space. And if I die tomorrow some of the words I wrote could hurt the person who goes through my stuff. But as a writer do I care? It’s how I felt at the time. I can’t go through life worrying about how my writing might affect others, if they ever get to see it. I don’t set out to hurt but writing without truth is pointless.

I can understand why the author burned her journals and I just might do the same. What would you do?