Your friend calls to say she saw you in the back of a police car yesterday. What happened?

I have a friend who’s a cop. And yesterday I needed advice. I ran into him at the coffee shop and he could tell I was in rough shape. He invited me over to his place for dinner that night. I accepted; it has been so long since I’d seen him or his wife, and I was anxious to talk to them about my problem. 

He and his partner were about half an hour away from the end of their shift. As we were walking toward the squad car I realized the only place for me would be the back seat. My face must have betrayed my brief hesitation because my friend smiled at me and said, “Come on, everyone will think you’re a badass.” I smiled back, secretly pleased at the adventure and hoping someone, anyone, would see me. And you did! So that’s how I came to be sitting in the back of a police car. That’s me, the badass. 😉

There will not be a 642 Things post next week as I will be out of the country. Hopefully I will have one for you for the following week. And that topic will be: Tell the true story of a dramatic moment in your life, but weave in one secret and one lie.

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