A cockroach at the Roosevelt:

She looked at herself in the mirror. It really was beautiful, she thought. The others will be jealous, she was sure of it. She had worked so hard to get the colour right: the deep brown of roasted coffee beans with hints of red. And the material: translucent with a whisper of shimmer, and as hard as concrete. The months of correspondence with the German designer had been worth it. She looked amazing, and her bank account would recover. Eventually.

She looked out the window to see her cab waiting. Carefully she folded herself into the backseat. She wasn’t about to waste four hours of preparation by getting a leg snagged on a cab door. “Wow, you look……..” She smiled as the cab driver struggled for words. She wanted that effect on her colleagues, only times ten.

It was a short drive to the Roosevelt. She paid and unfolded herself as quickly as possible. A few others were milling about outside; one last smoke before the evening began. She glowed under their appreciative looks. All the planning and struggling to get every detail perfect was forgotten as she entered the magnificent lobby. She nodded to the Conference Chairman and made her way to the grand ballroom. All eyes were on her, a cockroach at the Hallowe’en Costume Party for the Royal Entomological Society at the Roosevelt Hotel.

She had arrived.

Topic for next week: How you feel about love these days.

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