How you feel about love these days:

I have been in love for the past 11 years, almost to the day. It has changed in so many ways over that time. I remember things that really bugged me and I can no longer remember why. When love is new and exciting it’s also uncertain and fragile. Now that it’s old and boring (!) it’s also confident and strong. We accept and support each other even more than we swore to at the beginning. Of course I am a different person today than I was 11 years ago, and so is he. Like the branches of trees we grow and influence each other in countless ways. The trick is to stay the course no matter the ups and downs, to be the support no matter the storms on the horizon, to be the support for both when the other has lost their way. And if you commit to just that, just supporting each other no matter what, you will be amazed at the change in you. An act of pure love is sunshine and rain for the tree; necessary and gentle, warm and beautiful.

Topic for next week: The talk show host.

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