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This time last year an exhibition was held at Ruth Phaneuf Fine Arts in New York entitled “100 years of personal pocket diaries, 100 years of receipts and invoices, 100 years of printed programmes” by Dylan Stone. His art often involves system of organization and cataloguing, and this installation is no exception. I love the pictures of the diaries on the benches, held in place by string. The old handwriting is beautiful. And the invitation fits so perfectly with the theme of the show.

The receipts and invoices display reminds me of a time in my youth when I was a bridesmaid (one of five times I held that prestigious title). We were helping the bride put on her grandmother’s wedding dress, and in the box was the hand-written receipt for the fabric and notions she purchased to make the gown, in 1945. So much has changed. The receipt for my wedding dress doesn’t even exist – it was an ebay purchase!

Enjoy the pictures and have fun googling Dylan Stone.