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I was reading this article on Tiger Pens and I love the line: Who says writing by hand is worthless? Who indeed. Those autograph scams can be nasty. I have a card that appears to be signed by Stephen King. A friend of mine picked up a copy of Desperation at a free book exchange for me; he knew I liked Stephen King but had no idea the card was inside.

I looked up his autograph and currently (if it’s real) it could be worth $100. He’s one of my fave authors and I just love having it in my collection.



It’s obviously machine typed, and I like how he capitalized the titles of his works. Christine was indeed published in 1983; April 29th to be exact. And The Talisman was published on Nov 8th of the following year. So the timeline fits.

I imagine him walking to the mailbox and dropping this off on a wintry Maine New Year’s Eve. Although I guess by 1982 he might have had an assistant to do stuff like that for him. Even if it turns out to be a fake signature I consider this a treasure. I was 12 in 1982; I was not living in Calgary then and do not know Christine Schippling. I wonder if she remembers receiving this in the mail – how thrilling for her to think that Stephen King just finished writing a book that shared her name!