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I like to travel with my journal. And I don’t just mean on vacation. I like to spend an afternoon in a coffee shop or the library, writing in my journal. And when I take my journal for a walk I put it in a protective carrying case with lots of room for extra pens, highlighters, page flags, etc. And for that purpose I use Bible covers. I have three of them, featured below. I picked all of them up at my local Christian bookstore.

purple bible holder

This purple bible cover is from Christian Art Gifts, and is made of polyester. I found it available online here.

purple holder open

It is considered a “value” item and it was the first one I purchased. I actually purchased it for my Bible but swapped the Bible out when I took my journal with me on an overnight trip. It was the perfect journal carryall. It features a pen loop and a zippered pocket for flags or post-it notes.

purple holder with journal

Here you can see my Sheffield Home journal fits nicely into the cover. If you used a journal with no snap closure you could put the covers into the flaps of the Bible cover on each side.

purple holder with pen

Here you can see a pen in the elastic pen holder.

green and brown holder

This brown and green beauty is a lot more sturdy. It’s a Zondervan product and I found it available online here (although I don’t know if individuals can purchase from churchsource.com or only retailers). I like the outside pocket for extra supplies on the journey. Or money for tea.

green and brown holder open

This one features two pen loops (not elasticized) but no interior pockets.

green and brown holder with pen on opp side

Fits my pen snugly.

green and brown with journal and pen

Also fits the Sheffield Home journal very well, along with a second pen.

black holder

And here is the crown of my small collection of Bible covers, made by White Dove Designs. I couldn’t actually find this exact model online but Christianbook.com has quite a selection of similar styles. This one is often mistaken for a purse. So glamorous isn’t it? I would guess it’s made of textured and smooth vinyl.

black holder 3 compartments

Like a purse this cover has 3 separate compartments.

black holder inside

Just one pen loop but this one includes a bookmark.

black holder with journal and pen

Here you can see a pen in the loop (not elasticized) and a journal. You can’t see from the picture but I’ve slipped the covers of the journal into the flaps. Fits very well.

black holder with 3 journals

This the singular reason I love this cover. The two outside pockets are very roomy. Sometimes I bring more than one journal and they fit very easily into the outside pockets. Perfect for any type of book actually. And still lots of room for highlighters etc.

pen holder

And this is the final product that was originally intended for Bible study and can very easily be used for journalling. It’s a pen holder from Dickson’s. I cannot find an online listing for it. It is designed to hold 3 pens but you could clip three more onto the outside of the pen area. It attaches to your journal cover with a thick elastic. The stylized fish emblem is hollow on the inside and could also be pressed into acting as a pen loop if needed. The bottom half flips up to reveal a place for post it notes. Very handy to transport pens.

So there you have it. Shop at your local Christian store and who knows what journalling treasures you’ll find!