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One of the facebook groups I belong to mentioned a podcast called JournalTalk, so of course I had to check it out. Write4Life is the blog of Nathan Ohren, where he hosts a bi-weekly podcast on journaling for life enrichment and personal growth called JournalTalk. This guy is younger than me (just!) and has over 40 journals full of his life experiences. That’s alot of journal writing. And through his blog he wants to share his passion.

I want other people to experience the exciting passion, the calming clarity, and the connection to life’s purpose that I have found through journaling.  I have become a journaling coach, and proud to teach courses that transform the quality of life.

His workshops and courses sound amazing and so does the upcoming and second annual Journaling Expo on January 12, 2014. And unlike the courses the expo is free to register!

The blog really is a great resource. I clicked on blog posts by journaling experts and found this great post by Carrie Leigh Sandoval. Imagine starting a journal entry with: “I’m so great because…..” Most of us are too humble to finish that sentence but in our journals we can throw that off if we choose to and really show ourselves some self love, as Carrie so eloquently describes it. I just might try these prompts to see what develops!

Stay tuned for more info on Journaling Expo 2014.