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So here is a quick introduction to my 2014 planner. I really want to try to stick with this one for all of 2014. Given my track record that would be quite the accomplishment.

I am staying with a discbound system; see this post for details about my previous Arc planner. I still have that brown binder; I love it and will use it for something else this year.

When I was in Phoenix in October I bought a Martha Stewart Discbound Notebook in black, with a textured cover, sized 6.5″ x 9″.

1front cover

Two things appealed to me immediately: the silver discs and the elastic cord. Very sharp looking notebook.


I love the silver discs but they are smaller than the discs I was previously using, so I had to remove some sections from my planner setup. The elastic cord really helps to keep it thin.

3first page

The front page is almost identical to the previous one, with the flap for documents on the left hand side and the card slots. And of course my favorite fountain pen and letters paper.

4two pen loops

I transferred my divider with the attached pen loop (on the left) as well as the calendar page from my previous planner. It’s great having two pen loops.


I bought the 2014 calendar pages. This is the Month on Two Pages layout. She gives tips on gardening and seasonal chores around the home but there is still plenty of room to write.


This is the Week on Two Pages layout and for the first time I’m using a vertical layout. It’s working well so far (the calendar started on November 25). The top three sections of each day are broken into Morning, Afternoon and Evening. The bottom two, blue, sections I use for meal planning and blog post planning.

You’ll also notice I’m experimenting with top tabs for the month tabs this year. The tabs are getting a little mangled in my bag so not sure how long this system will last.


As mentioned previously I had to get rid of some sections to allow for the smaller rings. But I still have my To Buy section where I jot down ideas for gifts or things I’m researching to buy for myself. This section may not get much use in 2014…but more on that later!


My Home section is a must-have so it remains. In this section I keep track of meal planning and finances, as well as personal info like medications my elderly father is on. I added that beautiful picture to inspire me; someday I would like to live in a house with a veranda like that.


Everything else that I’m keeping in this planner now falls in the Notes section. This is where I keep track of my pens and the various inks I have in them.



11j herbin

I have been using this book since November 25 and so far so good. But it’s early days yet; we will have to see how things go. I can foresee a problem with the disc size; I may want to have more than two months of calendar pages available to me at one time. We’ve all experienced “planner fail” at some point and it could happen to me again too. But I really love this notebook so I’m hoping I can live with it until 2015. And who knows? Maybe it will organize my life in 2015 too.

Would love to hear from you about the planner you will be using for 2014.