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I thought I would show you my LWA notebook and give you an update on my pen pals.

front cover

Yes it’s another Arc notebook. I picked up this flashy hot pink number on my Phoenix trip.

inside cover

I attached my welcome letter to the inside cover and my membership card is in a clear envelope on the first page.

letter log

I’m keeping track of the letters and replies, with a brief description of what I’ve said and which stationery I’ve sent. I wouldn’t want to be boring and repeat a story again and again!

1st letter from kathy

On the left you can see my welcome letter envelope peeking out. And over top is my first pen pal letter, with my pen pal’s name and address covered by a sticky note.

2nd letter from kathy

And this is the second letter from LWA, giving me more details about the Letter Writing Socials and another pen pal; this time a Canadian.

letter from wendy

And here is my first pen pal letter! She lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I’ve sent her and the Canadian pen pal Christmas cards. I have yet to hear from my mysterious third pen pal but I remain hopeful.

So that’s it really. I will continue to post updates periodically, if for nothing else than to encourage anyone who reads these posts to join the LWA. It really is a fun organization. I’m also thinking of hosting a Letter Writing Social in the new year and of course I will write about that.

Happy writing, whatever form you choose!