I missed last week due to Christmas so here is my update for this week.

Journal I’m currently using: see Moving Into a New Journal (more on that below)

Total pages written since last JWW post (Dec 18): 34

Total pages to date since project inception (Dec 11/13): 55 (and next week I will start a tally of how many pages written in 2014)

Topics covered:

  • The second and final knitting class for beginner level
  • Wool-buying trip to Michael’s
  • The frenzy of the last day of work before Christmas
  • Get togethers with friends and family over the holidays
  • A prayer I wrote on Christmas day
  • My impressions of the second installment of The Hobbit
  • Holiday cooking with my husband
  • Samples of wrapping paper used this year
  • Boxing Day shopping
  • Some favorite Christmas cards received this year

So above I mention the Journal I’m currently using as being the fauxdori I introduced on Dec 4. Well I think I will have to move out of that one and into a new one due to a quite spectacular ink explosion. I’m working on salvaging it but until then I have a decision to make. I received six journals for Christmas and then bought two more when I used up the last of my gift certificate mentioned in my Dec 15 post. Which one to move into? And indeed should I not consider the dozens of older notebooks waiting to be filled also? Yes the decision is quite daunting. Tune in next week to see which one I chose.

There is something else I would like to talk about, seeing as it’s the first day of 2014. I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions but I want to set myself a challenge: to see how long I can go without buying a notebook or journal, pen and/or ink in 2014. I am blessed to be able to indulge my passion for writing instruments, ink to write with and paper to write on. But I think it is equally important to appreciate what one has and to take delight in each item. So that’s what I’m going to attempt to do. Here are some rules I’ve set myself:

  1. No purchases of notebooks, pens or ink for as long as I can stand it. If I run out of ink completely (which includes the ink I don’t particularly care for) I am allowed to buy one bottle or one package of cartridges.
  2. If I am given a gift of a notebook/pen/ink I am allowed to accept it but I am not allowed to request these items when an occasion arises.
  3. I am allowed to purchase stamps for letters but I must use the stationery I already own to write the letters on. (I will make an exception for Post Crossing – I have to use postcards for that and I don’t own any at the moment).

That’s all I can think of for the moment. My goal is to really appreciate the writing paraphernalia I already own and to use it for writing; to direct my energy to filling up the notebooks instead of buying more. Each week in this space I will post an update of sorts – something like: Total number of notebooks/pens/ink purchased this week: 0. (Hopefully.)

We’ll see how far I get. My financial adviser will be thrilled.

Until next week, happy writing.