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So I finally signed up for an account on Postcrossing and I’ve got my first address – in Russia! I picked up some postage paid postcards for InCoWriMo and I thought I would use one for my first Postcrossing experience.

ab postcard

When you are given an address you are also given a tracking number to place on the postcard. When my recipient logs that tracking number in the system I can apply for another address. As it is this is only one of four addresses I am currently eligible to send a postcard to. So now that I’ve registered, my address is made available to other registrants. Which means I could receive a postcard from anywhere in the world! So exciting.

Two of my coworkers are getting into this too and it’s so much fun to have friends doing it at the same time. We all love receiving mail so get over to Postcrossing and register now! 🙂