This week: the thoughts of the first man to eat an oyster.

His catch was a meagre one today. But it only had to feed him and the dog. The last member of his family, Lorna, beloved wife, had passed only three days ago. He had buried her under the oak tree, along with their four children. The sickness had spared only him. And the dog.

He started to empty the net. Rocks and bits of wood and other garbage somehow got stuck in there along with the fish he needed to survive. Especially these grey, lumpy rocks, they were everywhere. He dropped a few at his feet and the dog grabbed one and tossed it in the air, trying to get the man to play. The man ignored him as he got to the messy business of cleaning fish. After a while he could no longer hear the plok, plok of the game the dog was playing with the grey rocks. The man went to investigate and found the dog eating a white, greyish substance which must have been inside the lumpy rocks. That night he watched the dog anxiously for signs of sickness or discomfort and there were none. He told himself to test his theory for a week, because he had to be sure. Every day he gave the dog the strange lumpy rocks and every day the dog would play with them, eventually crack them, and greedily consume the slimy innards.

At the end of the week the man decided he had to test the strange food on himself. These lump rocks were certainly easier to catch and he desperately needed another food source. The man smashed the lumpy rocks on bigger rocks, imitating the dog. The dog watched, as if to encourage the man to join in the feast. When the shell cracked the man smelled the grey, slimy meat inside. It smelled of the sea, fresh and salty. Closing his eyes he tasted the flesh with his tongue. More salty brine. He swallowed the contents all at once, thinking he couldn’t bear to look at it a moment longer. It tasted good. Sea water and mush. He was satisfied it was edible so he and the dog continued their feast. The man smiled, for the first time in a long time. If the sickness spared them they would not starve.

Next week: Your most transcendent ice cream experience.

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