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I am happy to share that I have finally found a use for my 7×9 Paperblanks Silver Filigree Journal. For some time now I have been running out of space in my Moleskine Book Journal. The alphabetical sections soon fill up and then what to do? So I have moved my entire reading journal from 2003 to the present day into my Paperblanks Silver Filigree Journal.

reading journal

I’ve had this journal for so long and I was thrilled to finally find a purpose for it.


I will eventually fill in the table of contents; the pink sticky note is just to keep track of my ideas for what will be filling the book up.

2007 Reading List

My reading lists.

2011 Reading List

One of the best features of the Moleskine Book Journal is the lettered section for the details of each book. But I didn’t want to be limited so I removed the alphabetical element. So now I have one big section for Book Details and they can be in any order I like.

book details

And at the end of the book I have set up a title index.

index A

The index is very interesting. Most of the books I have read have started with the letter B or the letter S, apparently. I probably should have left two pages for each letter – but since I have left lots of extra pages for Book Details I can extend a page or two of the index to whatever page I like. I just have to record it in the index!

Because of the size of the journal I think I will be able to keep track of my reading this way for at least another couple of years. Fingers crossed. 🙂