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Journal I’m currently using: Navy Blue Cross Journal

Total pages written since last JWW post (Jan 22): 16

Total pages to date since project inception (Dec 11/13): 137

Total pages written in 2014: 82

Total number of notebooks/pens/ink bought since self-imposed spending freeze: 2 on Jan 14    

Topics covered:

  • Still waiting for ebay items ordered at the beginning of December [sigh]
  • Beautiful letter from one of my penpals
  • Countdown to InCoWriMo
  • Temptation in March: Goulet Pens will have a new Monteverde Prima available, in purple and black!
  • Hosting my bookclub meeting for January
  • Pizza dough recipe I saw on Youtube
  • My Parker fountain pen set arrived from Amazon (future blog post)
  • Caught Stereophonics on Jools Holland
  • Stressful situation brewing at work 😦

I’ve been writing in my journal with my new Parker Urban GT which arrived in my fountain pen set. Really nice pen. Took me a few tries to get the ink flowing but now it’s a consistent starter. A new box of stationery from Peter Pauper Press arrived with it so I will probably use some of that for InCoWriMo. And, wonder of wonders, I resisted for another 7 days the temptations of ebay and the rest of the internet to buy a notebook/pen/ink. But watch out in March with the new Monteverde Prima offered by Goulet Pens in purple and black!

Until next week, happy writing.