This week: Your most transcendent ice cream experience.

I don’t think I have a transcendent ice cream experience. I don’t like ice cream. I’ve eaten it, of course, but I actually prefer frozen yogurt. 

But in the spirit of this exercise I thought about a time when I was visiting my cousins in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I feel I was about 9 or 10. They wanted to take me to their favorite restaurant called The Ice Cream Factory. I remember the wait staff wore bright pink and white striped shirts and straw hats. It was a very kid-friendly atmosphere. So they ordered something huge, like with a dozen scoops of ice cream or maybe more. I remember the challenge was to eat all the ice cream in a certain amount of time and you won a prize. Now there was no way I could eat all of this myself so the five of us tucked into this monstrosity. Because not only did we have a lot of ice cream to eat but it was covered in whipped cream and cherries and peanuts and chocolate sauce. (Actually it just might have been this experience that put me off ice cream as an adult!) Somehow we managed to make a dent in the ice cream mountain and perhaps the wait staff took pity on us because all of a sudden a brass band came out of the back and marched around the restaurant, playing a great rousing chorus of a song, the name of which I can’t remember or most likely never knew. And then they stopped in front of our table and presented us with pink and red ribbons. I don’t even remember getting sick after all that sugar, which I must have done. I don’t know if it was transcendent but it’s a wonderful memory for me, more having to do with being in the big city and with my cousins, who were all older than me, and who I absolutely adored. 

Next week: Describe exultation.

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