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This post is long overdue; I’m starting to take photos of the journals I received for Christmas. These two were given to me by my sister. She spoiled me silly this year.

1moleskine front cover

I have written about Moleskine Hobbit journals before, in this post. But this is the mini one, and it has illustrations throughout. I have not opened it yet as I don’t want to ruin it.

2moleskine bottom

As always there is a ribbon bookmark. Looks like the accent colour this time is red.

3moleskine back cover

The back cover. Both my sister and I are big fans of all of Tolkien’s work, so this notebook was pretty special. I may never open it. 🙂

Even more special though, was the Village Artisan Center Tie Journal, from the Mountain Jewel Collection, part of the Fair Trade Federation.

1village artisan center tie journal

I believe my sister got this at 10,000 Villages. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

The brochure tells me the cover is inlaid with silk fibers, there are shimmering highlights on the inner pages, there is an artistic bead design, and includes a hand made beaded pen. It was made in India.

2artisan front cover

The colours are glorious and the paper cover is beautiful. You can tell this took many hours to create. Or it seems that way to me at least.

4artisan open

Here is the journal open. It takes up a lot of room on my desktop.

5artisan close up of pen

A close up of the hand made beaded pen. It is a ballpoint and I could not get it to write; dried up no doubt. Perhaps I can find a refill for it. But I will probably just keep it as the work of art it is and gaze lovingly at it. The pen appears to be made from some sort of stone mixture, like sparkly concrete, with silver buttons pressed into it. It’s heavy in the hand.

6artisan paper

This is what I find most interesting about this journal; its orientation. It opens up. So neat!

7artisan paper closeup

Here I tried to give you a close up of the paper, which has, as advertised, shimmering highlights. I apologize for the blurriness. It’s beautiful cotton, 100% recycled.

3artisan back cover

The back cover. The colours work so well together.

I fear both of these journals will fall into my category of “too beautiful to use”, although I have said the same thing about other journals and after a couple of years languishing on the shelf I have drafted them into service (see my post of Jan 27). I just can’t imagine what I would deem worthy of the artisan journal. It’s so beautifully made, it deserves beautiful writing and I can’t always guarantee my writing and/or my words are especially beautiful. And it was a gift from my sister, which makes it even more special. And the Moleskine is filled with illustrations from the Hobbit – whatever could be worth spoiling it? Crazy I know but true. Some journals need years to figure out their use. Just like people. 🙂