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I received this journal from my husband for Christmas. It’s available on Chapters.ca and is made by Amarcord.


When I opened it there was an incredibly strong leather smell, which thankfully dissipated with time. My husband thought it was “very Indiana Jones” and I agree. The leather is beautiful and soft and I think the cover is just beautiful.


The wooden bead on the cord slides over and the cord unwraps around the journal, so it can be opened.

opened with lines

The notebook is plain lined inside. There is not a lot of info in the journal itself; on the last page is written Handmade in Italy and that’s it. The paper is very smooth and I have high hopes that it takes fountain pen ink well.

back cover

The back cover.

I really love this journal and I think it will be my next one, after I fill up the Cross. Me and Indy. šŸ™‚