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Journal I’m currently using: Navy Blue Cross Journal

Total pages written since last JWW post (Feb 19): 7

Total pages to date since project inception (Dec 11/13): 178

Total pages written in 2014: 123

Total number of notebooks/pens/ink bought since self-imposed spending freeze (Jan 1/14): 3

  • 1 pen + one bottle of ink = 2 items in a gift set on Jan 14
  • 1 bottle of KoninginneNach-Blauw from Akkerman, via Vanness Pens (see Feb 5 post for why it was impossible to resist) on Feb 5

Topics covered since last update:

  • My employer’s employee assistance program – very helpful
  • I won two journals and a set of bracelets from Anna Brim
  • Received my Akkerman ink from Vanness Pens (more info below!)

Wow that’s embarrassing, a whopping 7 pages written this week. In my defense, I was reading my 600+ page library book, Just One Evil Act, during every spare minute of the last week. It’s due back soon and it’s great, so I didn’t want to put it down. Finished it last night. 🙂

So it has been pointed out to me that I have not shown you what the culprits who ruined my spending freeze look like. The Parker Urban GT set arrived awhile ago; I posted a picture of the pen set from Amazon in this post, and it looked EXACTLY like it, except for the polishing cloth. This is what it looks like now:

1parker set

I have used two cartridges, filled another pen with the black quink, and of course used the pen. I have not read How to Write with a Fountain Pen but I will – who knows, I might be doing it wrong!

2pen in holder

This is the Parker Urban in the pen holder of my Cross journal. Have I mentioned how much I love this pen? It is definitely my number two fave, after the Monteverde Prima of course.

3writing plus nib

A writing sample and a closeup of the nib.

4pen plus quink

It’s total darkness in that bottle; it’s a beautiful black. I like the blue too; I just may have to buy a bottle of that too.

Speaking of bottles of ink!! My Akkerman bottle arrived in a big cardboard box filled with styrofoam popcorn and two different types of bubble wrap. I was already impressed but then I opened the inner Akkerman box and it too was filled with more styrofoam popcorn. The bottle was wrapped in a bag and a small Rhodia notebook was wedged firmly between the bottle and the sides of the box. I don’t think that bottle moved a centimetre during it’s long journey from Arkansas to Miami to Calgary. Excellent packaging; thank you Vanness!

5akkerman box and rhodia nb

I was afraid the ink would freeze and the bottle would break. But it arrived in perfect condition and I am absolutely thrilled with it.

6ink bottle

This is the 150 ml bottle, which Akkerman is discontinuing; they will offer the 60 ml bottle instead which is just a smaller version of the iconic bottle.

What makes the bottle unique is the neck design. There is a marble inside the glass that sits at the base of the neck. Tip the bottle over and the neck fills with ink. Dip your pen into the reservoir to fill. Then you can tip the bottle to the side and all the ink drains back into the bottom. Genius! I tried to take a picture to show you a) the marble and b) the colour of the ink, which is called Koninginne Nach-Blauw.

7ink colour

It’s super hard to see the marble but trust me it’s there. And the ink has stuck to the sides of the neck so you can sort of see the colour. I haven’t inked any pens with it yet, as I’m in the process of cleaning them. There will be a future blog post about it, for sure.

The P.W. Akkerman website has a colour chart, and No. 7 looks like a stormy sky to me. Can’t wait to ink up a pen with it.

Until next week, happy writing.